The state Duma has specified the duty of municipalities to overhaul

Photo: Eugene Kurskov/TASS

If the municipality decided to have the house repaired, the responsibility remains with him after the privatization of housing

The state Duma adopted in the first reading the bill according to which municipalities will have to overhaul in the privatized housing, reports TASS.

Under the bill, if, before the time of privatization of the first apartment building in a local authority took the decision on carrying out capital repairs, but the repair was not carried out, the municipality is that the obligation to renovate the house.

According to the Minister of construction and housing Mikhail men, the initiative relieves «the potential dispute about whether a municipality has failed to discharge its duty to repair the house before privatization, to overhaul on their own, to compensate its value to the owners or to transfer the required funds to the regional operator».

Earlier in the Moscow region was forbidden to carry out reconstruction and capital repairs of the buildings that are to be privatized without the approval of the regional government.
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